EASA flight test experts completed third session of МС-21-300 certification flights

Flight test experts of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) completed the third flight session of МС-21-300 certification program.

Initially EASA experts worked with their Russian colleagues on the flight simulator.

Subsequently the EASA crew and the Yakovlev Design Bureau (a branch of Irkut Corporation) performed a series of flights on the МС-21-300.





Irkut Corporation (a UAC member) is conducting tests of the MC-21-300 aircraft in order to obtain Russian and European type certificates. Representatives of the Russian aviation authorities, industry, as well as EASA experts, are taking part in the process.

 In 2019 EASA experts completed two flight session of МС-21-300 certification program. In 2018 the EASA test crew completed a special course of theoretical and practical training, as a result of which they obtained permission to fly on MC-21-300 aircraft.

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