Representatives of Stelia - the French company (units manufacturer for Airbus) - Purchasing Managers Alnoor Monroe and quality and supply chain manager Ludwig Courbet visited Irkutsk Aviation Plant (IAP).

JSC IRKUT Corporation within the International Industrial Cooperation (IPC) program produces and distributes nose landing gear bay for the A320 family since 2007.

At the end of 2014 the long-term contract was extended for another year. According to the document, in 2015 Stelia company will receive from IRKUT Corporation 114 sets of landing gears.

 “Our components make up a large share of the Stelia assembly line. Therefore, French partners visits Irkutsk aviation plant at least once a year”, - said the director of the international cooperation of IAP Sergei Migunov.

Mr. Courbet stated: "Being a specialist in the field of aviation, it’s particularly interesting to see how the enterprise develops. At what stage the implementing lean manufacturing is, how optimization issues are solved. In general, evaluate what has begun several years ago. As always, I have good impressions. And it is natural - the IRKUT staff are professionals, and if they decide to do something, then don’t stop in halfway. Especially I am very impressed by the production of civil aircraft MC-21organization: in shops assembly lines organized clear and transparent. It’s neat and clean everywhere. Everything is under control".

Also, representatives of Stelia appreciated the level of IRKUT’s working within the International industrial program. "To date, in terms of the provision of services IRKUT is at a good level, - said Mr. Courbet. - Management of the Corporation removes all the problems and show flexibility in solving production and technical issues. But the main purpose of my visit is to resolve questions for extending the cooperation with IRKUT for a longer period. We are pleased and interested in working with our Russian partners."
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