Regional Aircraft Branch of Irkut Corporation

Since 17 February 2020, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company was merged with Irkut Corporation as part of the strategy to consolidate the civil aircraft structures into the Civil Aviation Division. This decision was taken by the shareholders of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft on June 27, 2019.

On December 09, 2019, a separate division was created in the structure of Irkut Corporation – the Regional Aircraft branch. It ensures the continuity of activities for the development, production and after-sales service of civil aircraft.

The design team and scientific stands of the branch are located in Moscow. The assembly of aircraft, including interior installation is carried out by the production center in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Flight tests are conducted in Zhukovsky city (Moscow region). Aviation and technical complex that prepares aircraft for customers, trains flight and cabin crews, conducts aircraft maintenance and provides spare parts supply is also situated in Zhukovsky.

The Regional Aircraft branch conducts serial production of the Superjet-100 Regional jet. Superjet-100 aircraft are operated by nine Russian airlines, as well as a number of state operators, including Russian EMERCOM.

SSJ-NEW program is now underway, with new generation on-board systems being developed for the aircraft. Some of them are already undergoing ground and flight tests. The priority direction of the Superjet program is the development of the after-sales service system, which in the future will provide operational support for all new civil aircraft produced by UAC.

The production center of Regional Aircraft Branch of Irkut Corporation in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in 2020 received a certificate from the Federal Air Transport Agency, which allows carrying out maintenance, repair and implementation of service bulletins of Superjet-100 aircraft.

The work is carried out at the modern flight test base of the enterprise.

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