Irkutsk Aviation Plant

Irkutsk Aviation Plant (IAP), an affiliate of Irkut Corporation, performs aircraft designing, process planning, tooling and prototyping. Besides, it manufactures series aircraft, conducts ground and flight tests and provides after-sales support.

Ranked among the most modern machine-building plants in Russia, IAP offers complete aircraft solutions, ranging from design and technological preparations of manufacturing of new aviation products to final assembly of experimental and serial aircraft, their land and flight tests, and after-sale support.

The plant has manufactured nearly 7000 aircraft of more than 20 types since 1934, which were delivered to 40 countries. Its current production list comprises Su-30МК and Su-30SM multirole fighters besides Yak-130 new-generation combat trainer aircraft and Yak-152 primary trainer.

In addition, the plant has launched a new assembly line for civil aircraft manufacture where production of the MC-21 family of airliners is organized.

IAP ranks as a leader in the deployment of lean-technologies contributing to increased production, quality improvement and cost reduction.

The plant offers professional advancement and development for its employees. Annually nearly 5000 people, close to 40% of the plant employees undergo training, in-service education, and refresh courses.

Close cooperation between IAP and National Research Irkutsk State Technical University promotes the formation of an aircraft building cluster in Irkutsk, focused on development and introduction of innovation technologies.

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