International Cooperation

Irkut Corporation is committed to development of mutually beneficial international scientific and industrial cooperation and has a long fruitful history of cooperation with leading aviation companies in the world.

The international cooperation covers development, production, supplies and in-service support of aircraft.

Separate systems are in place to effect international cooperation in military and civil programs.

Cooperation on military programs is carried out in compliance with the Federal Law of Russia No. 114-FZ on Military Technical Cooperation.

Irkut Corporation provides operational and personnel training assistance to the Customers in 40 countries.

The Corporation’s biggest foreign industrial partner is Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) which performed licensed manufacturing of MiG-27 fighter-bombers in the past, and has been manufacturing the Su-30МКI fighters under license since early 2000. Under this large-scale program, fighter aircraft are produced, operational support is offered, aircraft are repaired and upgraded. HAL and a number of leading companies in India supply components for the Su-30МКI fighters benefitting the Indian Air Force and Air Forces of third countries.

While performing civil programs, Irkut Corporation cooperates with some of Europe’s leading industrial companies in design and production of components for Russian and European aircraft. An example of such cooperation is the supply of components produced in Irkutsk for Airbus A320 aircraft.

The MC-21 aircraft family program is aimed at further development of mutually beneficial cooperation with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of aircraft engines, on-board systems, avionics and interiors. The customer has the option of choosing either Russian or foreign supplier for some of the most important components such as engines.

In the interests of forming a modern in-service support system for the МС-21 aircraft, Irkut Corporation promotes cooperation with national and international companies providing such services. 

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