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420036 Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Tsiolkovsky str., 18
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AeroComposit was created on December 2, 2008 as a part of the United Aircraft Corporation's project to create specialized industry competence centers.
The main purpose of the company was innovative development and production of elements of aircraft structures made of polymer composite materials.
Since its establishment, the company's scientific potential has been involved in the project to create the new MC-21 medium range airliner. Irkut Corporation, the lead developer of the aircraft, included the young team among the project cooperants as the manufacturer of the composite wing of the airliner.

To implement the project in 2011, an Experimental Laboratory of Technologies and structures from PCM was organized at the site of the Moscow office of AeroComposit. Its creation was due to the need to study polymer composite materials, as well as to develop a new infusion technology.
The production facilities that manufacture composite structural elements and wing assemble are located in Ulyanovsk and Kazan cities.

The Ulyanovsk plant specializes in the manufacture of wing consoles and center section of the liner. The final assembly is also carried out here. The technological process of manufacturing the main power elements of the wing caisson (panels and spars) from polymer composite materials is based on the use of infusion technology in combination with dry carbon filler developed by domestic specialists. For the first time in the global aircraft industry, Russian workers, engineers and production managers have created the opportunity to produce monolithic large-sized aircraft structures for the domestic aviation industry.
The Kazan plant specializes in the production of composite wing mechanization units, plumage, as well as composite elements of the nose and tail parts of the MС-21 by autoclave molding based on pre-pregs.

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