Yak-130: Independent Deployment and Safety

  • In designing the Yak-130, the requirement for autonomous deployment at bare bases has been implemented.
  • The protective air-intake doors, which are closed during aircraft movement on the ground, prevent ingress of foreign objects into the engines during take-off and landing.
  • The tricycle landing gear with low-pressure tires ensures deployment at class III airfields including unpaved ones.
  • The ТА-14-130 auxiliary power unit with AC generator ensures independent operation of the aircraft.
  • The on-board oxygen generating unit and automated test system provide operation of the aircraft from unprepared airfields without complex and expensive ground equipment.
  • The twin-engine power plant is the best choice for training aircraft in terms of flight safety.
  • The active flight safety system prevents trainees’ errors.
  • The automated spin recovery system will save the crew and the aircraft in the most critical situation.
  • The quadruple-redundant digital fly-by-wire control system corrects any failures and the on-board automated test system will reveal failures in a timely manner.
  • The ТА-14-130 auxiliary power unit with AC generator may be used in flight in case of emergency, as well as for restarting engines in the air.
  • Each cockpit is equipped with ejection seats of 0-0 class to ensure safe recovery of pilots within the entire range of flying altitudes and speeds.
  • Ejection through a canopy, destroyable by an explosive cord, allows gaining valuable seconds during emergency evacuation.
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