Su-30МК: Aftersales Support

Irkut Corporation implements the integrated after-sales support program for all its aircraft, Su-30SM, Su-30МК and Yak-130, under the Russian Federation Defence Order and to foreign customers.


After-sale support to foreign customers is provided by Irkut Corporation in cooperation with the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, UAC JSC, Rosoboronexport JSC and other branches of military and technical cooperation.


The Integrated After-Sale Support Program implemented along with integrated logistic support includes warranty and post-warranty maintenance.


The Program provides for:


  • warranty maintenance;
  • consulting service to the user’s staff;
  • research-and-analysis of aircraft part failures;
  • repair of damaged aircraft;
  • evaluation of current serviceability of air fleet in use, anticipating spare parts and consumables demand for maintaining fleet serviceability at a level required by the Customer;
  • provision for aircraft integrated maintenance service;
  • supply of SPTA sets by Customer request;
  • organization of maintenance and repair at Customer enterprises;
  • aircraft upgrading;
  • organization of service centers at customer locations.


Su-30MK: Integrated Logistic Support

Irkut Corporation introduced the Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) System for proprietary aircraft design and production which ensures a single information environment for all participants in the ILS activities.


Introduction of the system allows to:


  • create data bases complying with the international and Russian standards and including all the information (documents) required at the development, production and operation stages;
  • provide the customer with the modern ILS tool in the form of information and management system for aircraft operation support;
  • ensure efficient cooperation of all participants in after-sale support;
  • transfer to aircraft on-condition operation;
  • propose and to introduce the promising type of the after-sale support -  an integrated maintenance service;


Irkut Corporation ensures supply of the operation support information and management system by the customer’s request.

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