Su-30МК: Combat Payload + Range

  • The unique balance of range and payload allows for the Su-30МК to fulfill missions impracticable for most of the modern multirole fighters.
  • Substantial fuel capacity along with the in-flight refueling option ensures outstanding operational range for the Su-30MK fighter aircraft.
  • Combat load of the Su-30МК aircraft weighing up to 8000 kg in total is arranged on 12 stations.
  • The wide variety of weapons in combination with the up-to-date avionics ensures:
    - destruction of air targets including stealth aircraft, and in dog-fight engagements;
    - successful conduct of preemptive air engagements at a long distance;
    - destruction of ground and sea-surface targets with the use of guided and unguided weapons at tactical and operational depths of enemy defence.
  • The Su-30МК weapons include:
    - air-to-air guided missiles RVV-АЕ, R-27R (ER) with radar homing heads;
    - air-to-air guided missiles R-27Т (EТ), R-73E with IR homing heads;
    - supersonic air-to-ship guided missiles Kh-31А and air-to-radar missiles Kh-31P;
    - air-to-ground medium-range guided missiles Kh-59ME with TV-command guidance system;
    - air-to-ground missiles Kh-29ТD (L);
    - precision smart bombs KAB-500Kr, KAB-1500Kr (OD, LG);
    - wide range of unguided aerial bombs and cluster bombs;
    - unguided aircraft rockets S-25ОFM, S-13, S-8;
    - built-in gun mount GSh-301.
  • Advanced aircraft weapons including extended-range supersonic cruise missiles may be integrated into the weaponry suite of the Su-30MK aircraft manufactured by Irkut Corporation.
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