Su-30МК: Unique Variety of Missions

  • Destruction of aerial targets, including advanced fighters, in air superiority missions.
  • Fending-off mass attacks of diverse enemy forces including cruise missiles, while covering troops and infrastructure objects against air attacks.
  • Escorting air strike groups while facing the enemy’s counter-attacks in the form of electronic warfare and air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons.
  • Destruction of moving and stationary ground targets, while performing battlefield isolation and deep-rare engagement of enemy troops and logistics.
  • Destruction of enemy ships in littoral and blue water operations.
  • Electronic countermeasures by using a tactical electronic warfare suite.
  • Long-range target detection by using the unique on-board phased-array radar.
  • Operational control of a group of aircraft fulfilling the joint mission due to the developed communications system and availability of the second crew member.
  • Training of fighter pilots in weaponry employment due to duplication of aircraft flight controls.
  • Enhancement of aircraft capabilities in the course of upgrading and in determining the conceptual design of the Su-30МК aircraft advanced versions.
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