Participation in International Exercises

The Su-30МКI multi-purpose fighters have participated in international air combat exercises since 2005 with some of the best known fighter aircraft in the world such as the F-15C, F-16C/D, Tornado F3, Typhoon and Rafale.


In 2008, the Su-30МКI aircraft of the Indian Air Force took part in the Red Flag joint combat exercise with the US Air Force at the Nellis Air Base, USA. Since 2012, the Su-30МКМ aircraft of the Royal Air Force of Malaysia have been participating in the international combat training exercises.


The superb maneuverability of the Su-30МКI aircraft enabling it to perform effective dogfight and beyond the visual range engagements, has inspired wonder from exercise partners.


The aircraft manufactured by Irkut Corporation has not only efficiently performed in dogfights but also delivered air strikes against ground targets.


The Su-30MKI proved its ability to perform intercontinental flights with multiple in-flight refuelings during redeployment to combat training exercise areas.


IAF Su-30МКI pilots felt confident in group air engagements exercises with AWACS and EW aircraft employed.


The results of the combat training exercises have demonstrated that the Irkut-manufactured Su-30МК ranks among the best multirole fighters in the world.

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