On 21 of August a new combat-capable trainer Yak-130 which was produced for the foreign customer by the Irkutsk aircraft plant – a branch of Irkut Corporation, performed its maiden flight.

Verification of the aircraft performance characteristics at different heights and speeds, maneuverability, control stability, all systems and power plant functioning took place during the 40 minute flight.

Test pilots Roman Taskaev and Sergey Mihayluk highly appreciated the aircraft and said that “during the flight all systems worked in a regular mode”.

Yak-130 was created using digital technologies at every stage of designing and manufactures preparation that allowed reducing laboriousness, lower duration of the production cycle, increase product’s quality and set up a basis for the mass serial production of the new aircraft.

New combat-capable trainer Yak-130 is developed by Yakovlev Design Bureau that makes part of Irkut Corporation.

Yak-130 is selected as a base aircraft for lead-in and advanced training of the Russian AF pilots.

Aircraft is intended for flight and combat training as well as for combat employment in any weather conditions against aerial and ground targets. Total combat load for the 9 suspension points can reach 3,000 kg.

Yak-130’s advanced aerodynamics, new-gen avionics, state-of-the-art onboard systems and mighty power plant ensure the following:

- high efficiency training and combat performance;

- top level flight safety;

- low cost flight hour and service life.

Yak-130 subsonic flight performance and maneuverability characteristics approach those of modern supersonic fighters.   

Yak-130 is the key component of Russia’s AF training suite that also includes integrated system of objective monitoring, computer-based training classes, full-mission and part-task simulators. The “Irkut” Corporation concluded the contract with Algeria on delivery of Yak-130 and carrying out its contractual obligations. Pre-contract negotiations are carried on for the delivery of Yak-130 to a number of countries.

Trainer-combat aircraft of the new generation YAK-130 was developed by JSC “A.S. Yakovlev Design Bureau” be a part of “Irkut” Corporation.

YAK-130 was chosen for basic and advanced military flight school to prepare pilots of the Military Air Forces of Russia.

In April 2009 YAK-130 passed the first stage of state joint tests with basic armament configuration. The tests with the enlarged armament configuration are planned to be completed in 2009.

The aircraft is intended as for combat training of the air staff so as for combat use in normal and low weather on earth and land targets. Nine stations allow the aircraft to carry up to 3000 kg of payload.

Advanced aerodynamics, new generation inboard avionics equipment, state of art newest power plant and aircraft systems provide:

  • effective training of air staff and  combat missions;
  • high level of operating safety;
  • low cost of flight hour and life cycle.

Aircraft performance characteristics and maneuverability of YAK-130 are similar to the modern fighters on subsonic speed of flight. The plane will allow to solve at the advanced level a problem of training of pilots for the Russian and foreign warplanes of generation “4+” and “5”.

YAK-130 is the basic component of the training complex of Russia including integrated system of the objective control, educational computer classes, aerobatic and specialized training simulator.

The “Irkut” Corporation concluded the contract with Algeria on delivery of YAK-130 and carrying out its contractual obligations. Pre-contract negotiations are carried on for the delivery of YAK-130 to a number of countries.

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