Aviation Personnel Training

Irkut Corporation provides Customers with a wide variety of services associated with training of any kind of aviation personnel. It is licensed for educational activity issued by an authorized agency of the Russian Federation.

Aircraft Staff Training Center (ASTC) operating within the Corporation, is located in Zhukovsky, Moscow Region.

The ASTC graduates successfully operate Irkut-produced aircraft in the line units of the Russia’s Defence Ministry, as well as in a number of foreign countries.

The ASTC instructors train and retrain Customers' flight and ground support personnel for operation of Yak-130, Su-30SM, Su-30MK aircraft. Typical training courses include theory education and up-to-date aviation simulator training. Graduates are granted with the standard certificates.

Seven ASTC instructors hold doctorate and master degrees. Most instructors have long-term experiences of service in aviation units and tutorial activity in educational institutions of the Russia’s Air Force.

Practical training of aviation personnel may be organised at the Customer's site.

For Customer’s benefit, the ASTC specialists develop and modernise computerised tutorial classes and aviation simulators of Yak-130, Su-30SM, Su-30MK aircraft.

Test pilots of Irkut Corporation render practical assistance to combatant flight personnel in mastering of Su-30SM and Su-30MK multi-role fighters, and Yak-130 combat trainer. The world-famous test pilots share their experiences with new-generation fighter pilots. Among them are Roman Taskayev, Hero of the Soviet Union, one the best specialists in testing of training aircraft, and Vyacheslav Averyanov, Hero of Russia, the first in the world pilot mastered flying the super-maneuverable combat jet.
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